Who we are:

We are tribe of motivated individuals looking to get strong, stay fit and healthy through the sport of Powerlifting.  We enjoy lifting and building muscle, burning fat and getting stronger doing it. The challenge of regularly competing, stokes the training fires and keeps us on point and ever striving. Ultimately our expression of fitness is through the pursuit of Strength. Our training philosophy is one of building all around functional strength to enhance the quality of life, develop confidence and face any physical life challenges with ease.


What we do:

Powerlifting is our base, we spend a lot of time doing Squats, Bench press and Deadlifts. The three lifts are our bread and butter yet we draw from other activities to develop all around functional strength. We have the advantage of being based within Crossfit Markham giving us access to gymnastics and functional strength equipment not usually seen in run-of-the mill gyms.  

Drawing from elements of strongman training, gymnastics training and various other strength endeavors allows us to develop strength in innovative ways and  keep training fun, fresh and interesting.


Whats in it for you?

Powerlifting is one of the fastest growing sports. Its is a very rewarding endeavor, everyone can benefit from being stronger and fitter. In its nature, it is a goal oriented activity and the feeling of satisfaction when your hard work pays off in very direct and measurable way is amazing.

You will look great. Lifting tones and builds muscle, muscle burns calories (even when you're resting) therefore the more you lift the more fat you lose. Coupled with the correct nutrition plan you will have a killer recipe for looking amazing.  

Developing greater strength and power will develop greater stamina and have you feeling energized and motivated to face life head on with vigor and renewed confidence.  Numerous health benefits including increasing bone density, reducing risk of osteoporosis,  posture improvement, better balance and mobility are also welcome side effects of lifting

Our members are encouraged to compete at powerlifting meets to enhance motivation and as a fun and challenging way  to express your hard earned strength. You never know where this might lead. We already have 1 world champion as well as World, National and Provincial records.


 7 days a week access to the gym, daily programming and Coaching we pull out all the stops when it comes to achieving your  goals.


Not sure its for you:

Try our 8 Week Athletic Strength Program or come by to check out our facility and book a free class



1 Year membership    $200/month

6 Month membership    $230/Month

3 Month membership    $250/Month



CFM Members discount  $150/Month