A demanding 8 week course that allows you to work towards your strength goals within a positive motivated group. Training happens under the watchful eye of Coach Ben who is there to guide and motivate you while you chase your goals. The technical instruction from an experienced Coach as well as being held accountable to you progress sets the stage for you to exceed your expectations.



This program is for anyone wanting to get stronger, more powerful or improve at their sport. This short 8 week course allows you to make huge gains in strength, build muscle and improve on your lifts. The 3 compound barbell movements: the squat, bench press and deadlift are the basis for the training and your ability to do them will improve.



A basic understanding of how to squat and how to perform the bench press and how to pull the deadlift is is preferable however not essential.



Participants meet once a week on Sundays under the guidance of Coach Ben, with the option of attending a makeup class on Tuesday evenings. Class times are Sunday: 10am - 12pm and Tuesday: 6pm - 8pm. Participants will also complete two additional workouts during the week.



For the duration of the 8 week program participants will have access to the gym to complete the weekly programming which is available here and is ideally completed before the next class.

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This 8 week program is for a one time payment of $300

There is a discount for members of Crossfit Markham and Reebok Crossfit East Woodbridge