Talk to anybody who is well familiar with fitness and its counterparts will tell you that exercise is only half the battle in achieving a fitter you. The other half happens outside the gym, and in your kitchen. Proper nourishment is key to achieving one’s fitness goals, regardless of what they may be. 

Although we encourage our members to follow a healthy diet to the best of their abilities due to its many benefits, many people encounter challenges along the way. Everyone is faced with their own unique barriers to achieving proper nutrition, be it disease, inaccessibility to healthy foods, or simply a lack of food preparation skills. It is essential that all these factors and more be addressed so that one can properly nourish their body in a way that supports the gym lifestyle. We promote a diet that will last a lifetime, one that is tailored to the unique nutritional needs and goals of the individual, since everybody is different.

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As a graduate of the Ryerson University’s School of Nutrition, as accredited by Dietitians of Canada, Jordana has been passionate about the field of nutrition for over eight years. Through various work and volunteer opportunities, Jordana has gained knowledge and practical experience in various nutritional fields. Weight loss, weight gain, diabetes management, renal and hepatic disease management, hormonal fluctuations, as well as the more common Celiac’s disease management are just some of the various issues she addresses with her clients on a daily basis. Her approach to nutrition takes into consideration the individual needs of her clients (age, occupation, hormone imbalances, cooking skills, etc) in order to achieve their specific nutritional goals.

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You can choose between 6 options
Bronze Online – $90/month
Bronze In Person – $100/ month
Silver Online – $135/ month
Silver In Person – $150/ month
Gold Online – $180/ month
Gold In Person – $200/ month
All packages work on a 3 month commitment.


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