Joseph Trambulo (PT), BScPT, MCPA Registered Physiotherapist, Titleist Performance Institute
Certified (Medical/Fitness), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Provider

Do you want to eliminate pain?
Perform better?
Overcome performance plateaus?
Get back to a sport you once loved?

Most injuries are due to movement inadequacies which cause your body to compensate leading to breakdown and injury. His goal is to quickly find the source of the problem to provide long term pain relief and performance enhancement.

Joseph work with all athletes (professional and amatueur) and takes an integrated approach which takes the best of a variety of treatment techniques and philosophies to get to the source of your specific movement problem. Treatments may include acupuncture/dry needling, manipulations, mobilizations, soft tissue techniques myofascial release, trigger point release, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, motor control reeducation.

Contact : Joseph at 647-299-0195 or at to book your appointment today.